Happy Wheels


Since its launch in 2010, Happy Wheels has become one of the most popular flash games all over the world. Because of the engaging, thrilling action which it offers, players find it extremely difficult to stop playing it once they get the hang of playing it. In fact playing this game is extremely simple and all it requires is the use of a couple of keys and thus it is popular across all age groups.

How to play Happy Wheels

Control the Happy wheels vehicle with the arrow keys!

Happy wheels controls

SPACE = Primary Action
Z = Eject
Shift & Control = Secondary actions

Happy Wheels 2 has become a huge online game hit and thanks to the combination of blood, racing, guts and sheer enjoyment of dismemberment, the game has become a great free game.

Select your racer and try to not crash yourself until you finish the race ! You need a lot of skill and patience to finish all increasingly complex levels.

Most popular levels in Happy Wheels

If you are a gaming aficionado, it is extremely likely that Happy Wheels is amongst your favorite flash games. With six million users’ generated levels and new characters being continuously added, Happy Wheels has taken the browser based game industry by surprise. Although the game has innumerable levels which users can play, a few levels are the eternal favorites of those playing the game. A few of these popular levels are listed below:

  • Featured Levels are amongst the most popular levels in Happy Wheels. This level, which can be accessed simply by selecting “Play” on the main menu of the game, has numerous levels listed under it. All levels under the “Featured Level” are supposed to be of excellent quality, innovation, originality and entertainment. With a total of 104 featured levels at last count, 3D Obstruction Course level has been rated as the best featured level while Pokemon Training is presently the most played featured level.

  • With more than 50,000,000 plays and a rating of 4.45 stars from over 66,000 votes, Pokemon Training developed by IAMURHUSBAND is one of the most played and popular featured level. Players can play this level with any character and need to cross over a series of obstacles to reach the end and complete the level.

  • Car Thief with more than 50 million plays, it is at present the second most played level in Happy Wheels. This is also a featured level and has a rating of 4.39 based on more than 100,000 votes. This level needs the character to chase his car to get it back after it gets stolen. Gamers have the option to use any character they want for this level. While the character is chasing his car, they need to cross several obstacles too.

  • Another popular but short level which also is listed under the featured level is Combine 2.1. Players of this level need to go past a machine called combine. This machine mashes and kills characters with its blade attached at the front. Before the machine can kill your character, the player needs to reach the end point in this game. Currently this level has more than 33,000,000 plays, and based on 80,000 votes, it has been rated a 4.46.

  • Another popular level in Happy Wheels is Balcony Terror which was created by Corey1987. This level has more than 41,000,000 plays and based on more than 77,000 votes it has been rated as 4.25. Gamers can play this level with any character they like and there is actually no method of finishing this featured level. The game will start with the character falling from the top of a high rise building and meeting various obstacles such as an armed Wheelchair Guy and others. Once the character hits the ground after avoiding all the obstacles, the character further meets others characters doing various activities.

Apart from the above mentioned levels, there are other popular levels too in Happy Wheels such as Prehistoric Pilgrim, BMX Park II, Speed Bridge and others which keep the users hooked to the game.