Happy Wheels Android app

Happy Wheels by far has become one of the most popular online flash games in recent history and has approximately 6 million user generated levels which is proof enough of its ever growing popularity amongst the gaming enthusiast.

Happy Wheels- on your android phone or tablet very soon

Because of its soaring popularity and the demand from Happy wheels aficionados, , the makers of this online flash game, namely Jim Bonacci along with his associate Jason, decided to launch an iOS and an android version of the game so as to reach even a larger percentage of games enthusiasts. Another reason behind the decision to develop the android and iOS version of the game was the gaming communities across the world becoming increasing deft at playing games with one finger. Thus began endless days of hard work by the developers so as to give its android and iOS users one of the best flash games available in history. Work on the android version of the game was said to start immediately after the launch of the iOS version which was shown at the PAX East 2013 for the first time. However, since the release date of the iOS version has been postponed from the first quarter of 2014 and it is now the end of 2014, it is now rumored that the android and iOS version of the game would be released simultaneously and that too in the very near future. It is rumored that Jim and Jason have already tested the game on an Android port and are quite optimistic about the results that they got and thus were planning on continuing the work on the Android version.

On his official website, Jim writes that since they want the iOS version to be as close to the online version as possible, the release date of the iOS version is being postponed so as to iron out all the minor flaws and give the gamers the same experience on an iOS platform as that which they would get on a browser. With this information and the earlier available information that work on an android version would also start, the market now is abuzz with rumors that the android version of the game is all set to be launched along with the iOS version of the game. This information can also be concluded from the conversation “Fancy Force” had on Twitter with one of its fans where it said “Well, it's a bit early to say, but I'm guessing sooner than we originally though thanks to @apportable” to a query about when the iOS and android version would be launched. To this the fan then replied that he assumes that the developers are planning to launch both versions of the game together. To this comment by the fan, there was no official reply- either denial or acknowledgement- thus keeping the gaming world guessing about this possibility of the simultaneous launch of android and iOS version which is increasingly looking true as the days roll by.

So if you are a gaming enthusiast who yet does not have an iOS platform and are waiting eagerly for the android version, chances are that your wait might soon get over and you will be able to take your favorite Happy Wheel character to the finish point on your android phone or tablet.